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Pyara pyara mera desh

प्यारा प्यारा मेरा देश


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68 More responses to "Pyara pyara mera desh"

  1. Priyanshu.p.sawant(Guest)

    IT IS soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOd

  2. Khushbu paliwal(Guest)

    nice poem

  3. Neha(Guest)

    Nice. My teacher will appreciate me....

  4. Jitendra Singh(Guest)

    Good poem

  5. Shashank(Guest)

    nice poem

  6. Kirti asthana(Guest)

    nice poem

  7. Ansil M.J(Guest)

    very nice

  8. Rishav Raj(Guest)

    I liked the poem from the bottom of my heart .

  9. Vibha(Guest)

    A short n sweet poem.

  10. Madan Saxena (Registered Member)

    nice poem.....bahot hi sunderta poorvak rachit..........

    and i also invite u to giv ur view at my poetryy...

  11. Vanshjaa sengar(Guest)

    it helped a lot in my hindi FA4. it is just fabuloooooous.........jai hind

  12. Parshav Jindal(Guest)

    thnxxx pyara pyara desh ap ne mujhe mere mam se bacha liya

  13. Tikshan Cool(Guest)

    Thanks for the poem........

  14. Arvind kumar(Guest)

    very nice poem.

  15. Raju P.G(Guest)

    thanx a lot for this poem.its very easy poem and its very good one

  16. Xyz(Guest)


  17. Sneha gupta(Guest)

    its a vry nise poem for kids n easy to learn. thanx for such a sweet poem

  18. Maneesh(Guest)

    this helped me in my hindi project work thanx a lot

  19. Manya(Guest)

    it is a nice poem. i think my ma,am will proud of me that i have find so good poem

  20. Vivek(Guest)

    this poem helped my sister

  21. D sai mahathi(Guest)

    thanx for helping me or else i would have been die ing in my hindi mams hand.

  22. Vivek tiwari avichal(Guest)

    positive theme,the nice pray for our loving country,kash aisa hi ho ,khub aage badhe ye desh

  23. Malay Sameer(Guest)

    very nice suman ji we are proud of u

  24. Rayeli nandy(Guest)

    this is a very good poem. it has helped me in my hiindi project

  25. Pawan joshi(Guest)


  26. Mukesh choudhary(Guest)


  27. Vaishnavi(Guest)

    this poem is brilient

  28. Sundari srinivas(Guest)

    excellent poem.. keep it up.


    this poem helped me in my hindi tool and i wish that i would get good marks due to this poem

  30. Aakansha gyanchandani(Guest)

    nice poem

  31. Kapil yadav(Guest)

    thanks a lot ! Its a very electrifying poem and it urgently helped me in my hindi ass.ment so thanks pro keep it up!!!

  32. Kamlesh Gurjar(Guest)

    I Like It...

  33. Ajay saini(Guest)

    a very nice poem showing all colours of india..
    Good work sir..
    Just carry on..

  34. Sakshi gaikwad(Guest)

    this song is excellent,superb !!!!!:-)

  35. Jyoti(Guest)

    so nice :/

  36. Garima(Guest)

    thnx itni pyaari poem k liye main apni 4th class k bacho ko 15 aug ko yehi stage per bulwane wali hu.....thnx again ...Jai Hind...........

  37. Nishita(Guest)

    this poem touch my heart

  38. Yuvraj(Guest)

    this poem is very nice, simple

  39. Nitisha sharma(Guest)

    meri friend ko muje hindi speech deni thi on independence day nhi mili to ye poem mere baht kaam ayi
    so thank u a very big much

  40. Jatt(Guest)

    kya baat kya baat

  41. S.SUPRADEEPAN(Guest)


  42. Jai arora(Guest)

    it is very helpful it helped me out a lot great man great!!!!!!!

  43. Mridul(Guest)

    i like this poem very much thank you

  44. Meenu Bhardwaj(Guest)

    Dear sir,
    hope everything is goog for u. Really very nice, simple meaningful poem. I needed this poem for my 3

  45. Monika(Guest)

    thanks sooo much for sharing the poem.
    iam a teacher and i taught d poem to school kids

  46. Akanksha(Guest)

    I needed this poem for my project it has helped me alot D:

  47. Chinmayee Behera(Guest)

    It's really beautiful and lovely poem.
    I love my India.

  48. Rajeev Rathor(Guest)

    I like very much this poem. This poem is helpful to me.

  49. Sanjay sharma(Guest)

    Its very nice

  50. Jyoti priyadarshini(Guest)

    lovely,sweet n small poem for kids

  51. Rohan Jamwal(Guest)

    wonderful,fabulous,fantastic and all and all.very good SUNIL KUMAR.I used this poem in my hindi all india competition and I won once again thank you.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Preeti arora(Guest)

    it is so nice for children

  53. Dolly(Guest)

    your poem is very good.

  54. Aabhas Raturi(Guest)

    Its very wonderful and meaningful poem.I get it for my Hindi project. Thx.

  55. Karan kaira(Guest)

    nic poem....

  56. Astha Sukhdeve(Guest)

    iTS VERY NICE.....it is helpful in my hindi project..!!!!

  57. Dhruv srivastava(Guest)

    this is a lovely poem for junior student like me ,i like it very much

  58. Kajal(Guest)

    This poem really helped me in my Hindi homework !!!!
    Thank you !!!

  59. Ajay sharma(Guest)

    It's wonderfull poem

  60. Anam(Guest)


  61. Shilpa singh(Guest)

    good poem

  62. Sagar Ranjan(Guest)

    Its pretty emotional.

  63. Sagar Ranjan(Guest)

    Its pretty cool.

  64. Sagar Ranjan(Guest)

    Thanks it helped me for my hindi homework and it is pretty cool.

  65. Arnoldraju(Guest)

    faaaadu poem

  66. Ekansh(Guest)

    hi i m ekansh and your poem help me in my hindi activity

  67. Guest(Guest)

    It's very nice

  68. Shreyansh(Guest)

    todh poem hai

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