We Children's Dream

13 -Aug-2011 Krishan Sharma 15 August Poem 9 Comments  79,335 Views
Krishan Sharma

It's we children's dream,
To make our nation supreme.

Our's is a land of sages,
Known for bravery for ages.

None can with it compete,
Its culture none can beat.

Whatever caste or religion,
All live here in unison.

With rivers, sweet fountains,
it's a land of high mountains.

Its green forests are pretty,
And are source of prosperity.

Let's for it work hard,
For its safety, be on guard.

(Translation: Avinash Fitrat)

Dedicated to
To my great country "INDIA"

Dedication Summary
Like every year, on 15 August, we are going to celebrate Independence day of our great and lovely country India. So I want to dedicate this poem to my India.

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  • Rashmi Sethia (Guest)
    Commented on 30-July-2016

    Very good poem.

  • Gamakshi verma (Guest)
    Commented on 15-August-2013

    Nice poem i like it.

  • Bhawna (Guest)
    Commented on 25-July-2013

    thanks a lot.

  • Tileshwar (kaju) Sahare (Registered Member)
    Commented on 06-January-2013

    Very nice poem .aweysome.

  • Radhika dara (Guest)
    Commented on 24-August-2012

    very nice and sweet poem iam searching a good poem for my child recitation competition its a perfect one..

  • Somya (Guest)
    Commented on 12-August-2012


  • Vatsala chauhan (Guest)
    Commented on 11-August-2012

    very nice poem i like it.

  • Roops gautam (Guest)
    Commented on 10-August-2012

    coo.......................................................................llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll poem.

  • Toshith (Guest)
    Commented on 07-August-2012

    It is a very nice poem..

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