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Bahut Zaroori Hoti Shiksha

बहुत ज़रूरी होती शिक्षा


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12 More responses to "Bahut Zaroori Hoti Shiksha"

  1. Jyoti(Guest)

    A good poem on the importance of education

  2. Shashank(Guest)

    very very nice poem

  3. Varsha sone(Guest)

    education is very important .Everyone should get it

  4. Anju singh(Guest)

    very beautiful poem ,really education plays very important role in our life n its very meaning full poem.

  5. Ankit(Guest)

    Good one!!

  6. Anshu Richharia(Guest)

    very simple poem conveying a great message.

  7. Jitendra(Guest)

    a nice poem .my daughter used this poem on NATIONAL EDUCATION DAY. 11,Nov. and got 1st prize .

  8. Apoorva Gupta(Guest)

    Really, I love this poem - because it shows the importance of education i think everyone should read it because it also emotional poem......

  9. Priyanka swain(Guest)

    nice poem!!!!1

  10. Nila(Guest)

    very nic and meaning ful peom..seriously u are a very very good poetist ...

  11. Tarun kumar(Guest)

    Very nice.

  12. Isha Singh(Guest)

    It is a very good poem which tells us about the importance of education.

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