30 -Apr-2016 Deepti rai Examination Poem 0 Comments  110 Views

EXAM !!!??!
It's crying aloud
Are you prepared?
Cause I'm on my way
Just a few days
And i'll be there
To take your sleep away.....
I cried!!!!!
At the top of my voice
Come your way
Cause i'll be soon chasing you away..
Im not scared of you

Chor do mobile ka picchha

Chor do mobile ka picchha

छोड़ मोबाईल का पीछा
छोड़ दो मोबाईल का पीछा फिक्र करो अब भविष्य की।
मोबाइल से अपने दोस्तों में ख

Examination Phobia..

Examination Phobia..

परीक्षा का समय निकट है आया।
जोर जोर से दिल धड़क रहा है बेचारा।
अभी तक समय बिताया खेलकूद में सारा।

Memory of exam day

12 -Nov-2015 pranjal patil Examination Poem 0 Comments  502 Views
Memory of exam day

I still remember that time of life
It was like murderer with knife.

In the time of history exam ,
I wrote fast and pain entered in my arm.

Golden lucky 5 minutes were remaining ,
Questions were getting in describing.

I was in a great te



aaj-kal ke bacche darte nahi bhooton se
darte hain ve keval parikshaon se,
darte hain ve result se,
jab ek paanchvi kaksha ke chhatra ka result aaya,
toh pata chala ki usne 'c' grade tha paaya,
ghar par gaya toh phoola nahi samaya,

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