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Wo lamhe (Poem of a farewell)

वो लम्हें (फेयरवेल की कविता)


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25 More responses to "Wo lamhe (Poem of a farewell)"

  1. Dhiraj Kumarr(Registered Member)

    wonderfull !!!!

  2. Ashutosh Sharma (Registered Member)

    @pushpendra singh
    thank youuuuuuu,,,,,,,,thanks alot,,,,

  3. Ashutosh Sharma (Registered Member)

    @Bindu Basu
    thank youuuuuuuu

  4. Ashutosh Sharma (Registered Member)

    @Parwej Ali
    thank youuuuuu,,,,,thanks alot,,, :D :D :D

  5. Parwej Ali(Guest)

    i like this poem .
    love u ashutosh sharma

  6. Bindu Basu(Guest)

    very touchable poem

  7. Pushpendra singh(Guest)

    it's very hart touching poem

  8. Ashutosh Sharma (Registered Member)

    thank youuuuuuu.........thanks alot........i think every student should have read this atleast once...

  9. ASHOK SHARMA(Guest)

    Thank you for such a beautiful and heartfelt poem on farewell. It made my eyes wet.

  10. Ashutosh Sharma (Registered Member)

    @kundan R. Vidyarthy
    finaly i have recorded my first poem friends you must watch...it is my most popular poem WO LAMHE...here is link...must watch atleast once http://youtu.be/TdA8vYHd6tU

  11. Ashutosh Sharma (Registered Member)

    @Ashutosh Sharma
    Hiii frnds...u know i have recorded this poem in form of audio track with some changes and soundtrack...i'll updated soon...

  12. Ashutosh Sharma (Registered Member)

    @satyam singh
    Thank you yaar......

  13. Ashutosh Sharma (Registered Member)

    @Akshay jain
    Thank you akshay.....and if you thought that it is being a part of your farewell speech than i feel so glad yaar....

  14. Ashutosh Sharma (Registered Member)

    @Gian chand sharma sharma
    Thank you sir.....

  15. Ashutosh Sharma (Registered Member)

    @kundan R. Vidyarthy
    Thank you yaar....i m just trying to give a memorable gift to my lovely frnds.....


    Bichhdi hui yaadon ko sahejne ki koshish bahut achhi ki hai. Very nice... keep it up.



  18. Akshay jain(Guest)

    excellent poem! going to be a part of my farewell speech

  19. Satyam singh(Guest)

    awsmn poem....

  20. Ashutosh Sharma (Registered Member)

    @Khushboo Patle
    Thank's dear

  21. Ashutosh Sharma (Registered Member)

    @Khushboo Patle
    Thank's dear

  22. Ronak brahmbhatt (Registered Member)

    really nice
    it remembers me my farewell poem and my friends of school.
    missing everyone........

  23. Khushboo Patle(Registered Member)

    nice line aashu......

  24. Ashutosh Sharma (Registered Member)

    @Tileshwar (kaju) Sahare
    Thank you bro......actualy i've wrriten this poem on farewell function for my college senior......they also like it...


    Mahol poem.

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