Oh Forest !

16 -Apr-2017 Mahesh Nagar Forest Poems 0 Comments  102 Views
Oh Forest !

Oh Forrest ! You're the greatest,
You give breath to me,
thou gifts are valuable for me,
I always worship for thee,

On the hills, on the plains,
And on the valleys,
You give thy shade to rest,
I admire you,
Because for your precious prese

अनपढ़ है तो जंगल में कैसे आया ?

11 -Feb-2017 DINESH CHANDRA SHARMA Forest Poems 0 Comments  226 Views
अनपढ़ है तो जंगल में कैसे आया ?

व्यंग कविता -
अनपढ़ है तो जंगल में कैसे आया ?
एक शिकारी को सेनापति चीते ने बंदी बनाया |

In the forest

16 -Jan-2015 sarojini naidu Forest Poems 0 Comments  844 Views
In the forest

HERE, O my heart, let us burn the dear dreams that are dead,
Here in this wood let us fashion a funeral pyre
Of fallen white petals and leaves that are mellow and red,
Here let us burn them in noon's flaming torches of fire.

We are weary,

Phal phulon se lada tana

18 -Jul-2013 Harjeet Nishad Forest Poems 0 Comments  2,237 Views
Phal phulon se lada tana

Neeche jaden beech men tana .
Dal tahaniyon wala tana .
Phal phulon se lada tana .
Tan ke khada ped ka tana.

Safed ukeliptis ka tana .
Patala lamba bans ka tana .
Meetha hota ganne ka tana .
Teekha kadava neem ka tana .

Sakhu sagaun ka mo

Pedon ke upyogi patte

17 -Jul-2013 Harjeet Nishad Forest Poems 0 Comments  2,804 Views
Pedon ke upyogi patte

Pedon ke upyogi patte.
Kele palash sagaun ke patte.
Kai kam men ate patte.
Thali pattal banate patte.

Tulasi jamun neem ke patte.
Aushadhiya gunkari patte.
Lambi kas ghas ke patte.
Chhat ban chhaya dete patte.

Lambe tad khajoor ke patte.

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