अर्थ का अनर्थ (अब तो आ कान्हा जाओ)

14 -Aug-2017 Madan Saxena God Poems 0 Comments  38 Views
अर्थ का अनर्थ (अब तो आ कान्हा  जाओ)

अर्थ का अनर्थ (अब तो आ कान्हा जाओ)

अब तो आ कान्हा जाओ, इस धरती पर सब त्रस्त हुए
दुःख सहने को भक्त

Oh! Almighty Help Me

16 -May-2017 Amu God Poems 0 Comments  62 Views
Oh! Almighty Help Me

Oh! Almighty help me,
I am hapless creature of yours,
Listen only, once to me,
I am under your shadow.
Get some petals of happiness or joy,
I'll be gratitude forever to thee,
Boons boons pour over me,
Oh! Almighty help me.

'God Need Nothing'

13 -May-2017 Amu God Poems 0 Comments  62 Views
'God Need Nothing'

God doesn't have need,
That we make upon him heed.
God doesn't anything require,
Only we fool, think about His desire.
But God doesn't have need;
He can only everyone feed.
We all are under His mercy,
Why we all don't behave with courtesy.

Sri Ram

12 -Apr-2017 Bimal Shahi God Poems 0 Comments  110 Views
Sri Ram

Mandir mandir ghum ghum kar
Mathe tilak lagata hoon
Aajkal main subah subah
Sri Ram ki aarti gata hoon

Mere bhi aaradhya ram hain
Tere bhi aaradhya hain
Hum sab to bas sadhak hai
Wo hum sabke sadhya hain
Main to hoon Sri Ram ka bhakt
Sri R

कृष्ण वियोग

04 -Mar-2017 Sunil Nagar God Poems 0 Comments  160 Views
कृष्ण वियोग

कान्हा राधा को अकेला छोड़ गए किसलिए ,
गोपियो को सताना , मटकिया फोड़ना ,
यमुना तट पे बंशी बजाना छोड

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