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Meri Pyari Pyari Dadi

मेरी प्यारी प्यारी दादी


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27 More responses to "Meri Pyari Pyari Dadi"

  1. Sateesh(Guest)

    शिक्षा के महत्व पर शानदार कविता

  2. Sateesh(Guest)

    इसे पढ़कर दादीजी की याद आ गयी

  3. Dr Sudha(Guest)

    Really nice poem

  4. Dr.Anand(Guest)

    I read and feel DADI JI is with me

  5. Anand Bakshi(Guest)

    Admirable poem .

  6. Shailendra(Guest)

    दादी से जो करते प्यार /उनका होता है उद्धार

  7. Manoj(Guest)

    nice poem

  8. Jitendra(Guest)


  9. Bhoomika pandey(Guest)

    daadiyan kitti pyari hoti hain na.....aapki kavitayen bahut bahut sundar hain uncle....

  10. Himanshu Shukla(Guest)

    nice poem

  11. Shalendra(Guest)

    I read this poem and remember my Dadiji.

  12. Shashank(Guest)

    very nice poem

  13. Varsha sone(Guest)

    Dadi is always GREAT

  14. Jyoti Raghuwanshi(Guest)

    I was in search of a poem on GRAND PARENTS DAY (12,sept.).I got it in POEM OCEAN.Thanks Parshuram ji.

  15. Ankit(Guest)

    It almost reminds me of my grandma...

  16. Anshu Richharia(Guest)

    Very cute poem....

  17. Dr. m .singh(Guest)

    nice poem for children.

  18. Bhupendra Tiwari(Guest)

    This is wonderful poem and teaches to respect DADI JI.

  19. Sudha Mishra(Guest)

    Lovely poem.It revived my childhood memories and my association with my grandma.

  20. Abhishek shukla (Registered Member)

    Behad khoobsurat...

  21. Aashish Pande(Guest)

    I love this poem

  22. Anand Bakshi.(Guest)

    A super poem on DADI ji

  23. Amarjaiswal(Guest)

    nice poem

  24. Shashank sinha(Guest)

    it all very nicely written just getting the memories of 10 years back really amazing

  25. Vibha(Guest)

    A beautiful poem showing the importance of Dadiji .

  26. Manoj dekate(Guest)

    A nice poem on dadi ji.

  27. Princy surana(Guest)

    bahut acchi hai meri dadi ki tarah ek dam pyaari

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