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Rang Birangi Dharati

रंग बिरंगी धरती


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71 More responses to "Rang Birangi Dharati"

  1. Jyoti(Guest)

    beautiful poem on the value of nature!!

  2. Mohini dhakad(Guest)

    nice poem

  3. Shashank(Guest)

    a very...very...very...nice poem.

  4. Varsha sone(Guest)

    nice poem on NATURE.

  5. Subhash Kaushik(Guest)

    This poem inspires to the kids to know about their environment and to save it. I congratulate to Prof. Shukla for such innovative poems.

  6. Deepa mishra(Registered Member)

    its a sweet and nice poem...I like it


    bahut hI pyArA bAl gIt. koti koti pranAm.

  8. Dedeepya(Guest)

    It's a great piece of work by the poet.....:-)

  9. Bahram Ali(Registered Member)

    Nice poem sir

  10. Shalendra(Guest)

    nice poem on nature


    nice poem.....save earth , save life... from my heart..........

  12. Reya-pan(Guest)

    vry nyc poem!also vry vry inspiring!just'its 2 long....

  13. Harjeet Nishad (Registered Member)

    Nice poem on nature

  14. Shalabh(Guest)

    very nice poem on wild life, i also love wield too.please save animals and trees.

  15. Amarjaiswal(Guest)

    very nice

  16. Anand Bakshi(Guest)

    Beautiful poem on NATURE

  17. Vibha(Guest)

    This poem explains that the earth is very beautiful and we must save it .

  18. Ekta arora(Guest)

    Nice one

  19. Ekta arora(Guest)

    Nice one

  20. Smruti Ashcharya Padhi(Guest)

    wonderful poem

  21. Ashish shukla(Guest)

    lajwab bal kavita....

  22. Nikita Lodha(Guest)

    I really loved the endearingly simple style of sending across such a pertinent message

  23. Ankit(Guest)

    A very motivating poem about our environment.

  24. Kavi iqbal(Guest)

    oh my god thats such a TOUCHYYYY poem... lovelyyyyy...... :*

  25. Anshu Richharia(Guest)

    A very touching poem describing the importance of environment .

  26. M singh(Guest)

    It's a great piece of work done with simplicity. It has a very good message also which is of great importance in view of the fact that we are disturbing the balance of nature by our deeds. And it is going to give us more pain in coming days. So, we all shall pay attention to such issues related to our nature without wasting any time.

  27. Pranay(Guest)

    Great poem, never heard anything like it

  28. Gungun mishra(Guest)

    best poem ever read of nature on internet


    very simple style with valuable message

  30. Sanjeet kumar maurya(Guest)

    beautiful poem...,i like it.

  31. Raksha gupta(Guest)

    beautiful poem!!!!!!!!:)

  32. Ajay Shukla(Guest)

    The poem is adoring the beauty of earth :)

  33. Ahad prakash(Guest)

    beautiful poem

  34. Raj Awasthi(Guest)

    awesome poem to hear with a massege to save the environment.

  35. Vishal Nain(Guest)

    Wao! It's wonderful poem.
    Nice! Nice!

  36. Saksham jain(Guest)

    its a very wonderful poem to protect our environment

  37. Vikram Kumar(Guest)

    very nice and simple poem.

  38. Sujana(Guest)

    Excellent poem on earth. At present world Biodiversity conference is going in hyderabad. This poem is exactly suitable for that.

  39. Kratikadhruvkar(Guest)

    very very very beautiful poem

  40. Preeti Khare (Registered Member)

    Dr. Parshuramji is the well known 'BAL SAHITYAKAR'.He has written so many book's.His most of the writing is based on nature n animals.This poem is one of my fav.Save earth n save animal's is Shulkaji's moto.I whould love to read this poem again n again.
    Many congrats !!!!

  41. Raghuraj khullar(Guest)

    a poem which will enrich the minds of young children ; an eulogy to the abundance and beauty of nature.

  42. Bhupendra Tiwari(Guest)

    It is the first Hindi poem that impressed me .Such poem should be kept in the school syllabus.

  43. Himanshu shukla(Guest)

    it's provied knowledge and it is much intresting about our Dharti(Bhumi

  44. Jitendra singh(Guest)

    Thanks, Dr.shukla for this extra ordinary poem on nature.

  45. Jyoti raghuwanshi(Guest)

    It is a very nice poem which teaches us to save the environment.

  46. PUSHPENDRA(Guest)

    a beautiful poem.

  47. Isha Singh(Guest)

    It is a beautiful poem with a message to save the beauty of Earth.

  48. Dr. Manjari Agnihotri(Guest)

    a beautiful poem with a message to save the environment.

  49. Geet(Guest)

    very nice and true heart touching poem.

  50. Drashti.Desai(Guest)

    Respected Sir,My 8 year old daughter is going to recite this lovely beautiful and making young generation aware towards the beauty and importance of the mother nature at the Hindi Kavita Pathan at Her School Thank You.

  51. Ankit(Guest)

    Very creative poem with important message. Kids will learn from it.

  52. Anshu(Guest)

    A very sweet and simple way to teach the importance of environment to kids. Such poems are very much needed today. Kudos to the poet!!

  53. Dr. Vibha(Guest)

    A very nice poem.

  54. Abhinandan(Guest)

    A rhythmical poem with loads of interesting information; very useful for all school kids. Congrtas to the writer.

  55. Fayha inaaya(Guest)

    its really nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Rakesh(Guest)

    i like your poem/
    i need poem on bharat aur pakistan/
    plese mail on my email-


  57. S.s.toyaja(Guest)

    i like this poem . it is about the nature

  58. Aditi(Guest)

    i like this poem .pls conserve our generation

  59. Ritika(Guest)

    very nice poem

  60. Ruchita Katpal(Guest)

    its a very nice poem and very very true

  61. Vineet(Guest)

    nice poem and very inspireable towards environment!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Shiwangi pandey(Guest)

    this poem is awesome...it has helped me get gud marks in my hindi activity....i would like 2 thank d writer of this poem....and ya friends plz conserve our nature....our biosphere as it will be usefull 4 us as wel as our future generation.....thats why itz writen in this poem dat....if we dnt conserve d nature v wil die....thank you....

  63. Shubhangi khandvilkar(Guest)

    very nice n very true.

  64. Radhika(Guest)

    bacchoo dharti ko kabhi mat bigado

  65. Kavitasharma(Guest)

    fbhn bbnnnm

  66. Keshav bansal(Guest)

    this poem is very lovely as well as it inspire uu to save nature and love it. i have read many poems but this is the best.

  67. Avinash(Guest)

    nice poem

  68. Yashkumar(Guest)

    it is very good poem inspiring us to save our enviroment

  69. Rajeev Rastogi(Guest)

    parkriti..se pyaar kare.... ise god ne bhaut khubsurat banaya hai..apne nature ko krib se janne ki koshish kare..AC ko chhor khuli hawa me aaye...TV ko chhor parwat, nadi, jangal ko dekhe, western music ko chhor kabhi birds ki madhur aawaj ko sune... yakin manye agar aap nature se pyaar karte hai to aap pr dhuk aur gum kabhi hawi nahi ho payega...
    aur aap hamesa parkriti ki tarah haste rahege....

    it's a beautiful poem... i request to all please share this poem for kids.... thanks Dr...parshuram ji...

  70. Rajeev rastogi(Guest)

    god ne hame ek beautiful environment diya hai... hame is khubsurat nature se payar karna hoga.... jab aap apni dharti, nadi, ped, talab, panchhi, janwar, prakriti ki koi v bastu ko nukshan nahi karte us se payar karte hai tab aap is earth ek bahut hi khubsurat inshan ban jate hai...

    this is nice poem...... thanks Dr. parshuram ji...

  71. Anshu Richharia(Guest)

    Its a beautiful and inspiring poem with a mesage to save the environment. We need such poemsa at this time to inspire kids about nature.

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