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21 More responses to "Nadi"

  1. Sateesh(Guest)

    मानवता की शिक्षा देनेवाली बहुत अच्छी कविता

  2. Dr Sudha(Guest)

    Nice poem

  3. Dr.Anand(Guest)

    This nice poen gives a lession of HUMANITY through river

  4. Anand Bakshi(Guest)


  5. Shailendra(Guest)

    नदियां देतीं हैं पानी /इसीलिए मन की रानी /

  6. Bhoomika pandey(Guest)

    behad shandar ...........waah maza aa gaya

  7. Pushpendra(Guest)

    A very very....nice poem

  8. Ashish(Guest)

    Nice poem for children

  9. Sudha(Guest)

    Nature is beauty.Nice poem

  10. Jitendra Singh(Guest)

    very good poem

  11. Jyoti(Guest)

    very nice poem

  12. Ria shivhare(Guest)

    Nice poem...

  13. Shashank(Guest)

    very nice poem

  14. Anand(Guest)

    very very very....nice................

  15. Shailendra(Guest)

    nice poem

  16. Varsha sone(Guest)

    this nice poem gives a massege of humanity

  17. Anurag thakur(Guest)

    Very very beautiful poem !
    I loved this!
    Heart touching

  18. Kanan sharma(Guest)

    Thanks poem uncle gr8 poem

  19. Vibha Shukla(Guest)

    Nice poem

  20. Virendra Singh(Guest)

    khoobsoorat kavita, mann ko chhoo lene wali manmohak lines.

  21. Konark basu(Guest)

    Badian! loved it.

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