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51 More responses to "Shikshak"

  1. Pushpendra(Guest)

    The best poem on Teacher

  2. Vivek pandey(Guest)

    bahut hi sundar kavita hai, sach me shikshak ke bina insaan kuch nahi...

  3. Shivam Gupta(Guest)

    We must respect our TEACHERS

  4. Dr.Manju(Guest)

    शिक्षक का महत्व बतानेवाली लाजवाब कविता

  5. Sk Saini(Guest)

    Ek dum mast poem h ji

  6. M.Dekate(Guest)

    I read the poem and feel the greatness of TEACHER

  7. Cnandan(Guest)

    very very nice poam

  8. Sateesh(Guest)

    शिक्षक पर बहुत अच्छी कविता

  9. Dr sudha(Guest)

    Moral poem

  10. Anand Bakshi(Guest)

    Excellent poem

  11. Shailendra(Guest)

    कविता पढनें से मिला आज मुझे यह ज्ञान /शिक्षक की महिमा बहुत ये है बड़े महान /

  12. Shailendra(Guest)

    कविता पढ़ने से मुझे ,आज मिला यह ज्ञान /वृक्षों की महिमा बहुत ,ये हैं बहुत महान /

  13. Bhoomika pandey(Guest)

    aur aise kavi bhi pranamya hain.......

  14. Jitendra Singh(Guest)

    Nice poem

  15. Jyoti(Guest)

    A wonderful poem depicting the importance of teachers

  16. Mohini(Guest)


  17. Shashank(Guest)

    very..very... nice poem

  18. Varsha sone(Guest)

    a heart toughing poem

  19. Subhash Kaushik(Guest)

    Thanks and best regards to my teachers for all that they have done for me and which made 'me' . salutations through this poem.

  20. Deepak kumar deep(Guest)

    Very nice poem.

  21. Purnima(Guest)

    this poem help us to celebrate our teacher's day.

  22. Ishita sharma(Guest)

    Teachers is really very important.

  23. Shreya joshi(Guest)

    awsme poem i love it

  24. Anand Bakshi(Guest)

    Very very very nice poem

  25. Vibha(Guest)

    Really a nice poem .

  26. Ankit Richharia(Guest)

    Really nice one....teachers are very important in our lives and we should respect them at all cost.

  27. Anshu Richharia(Guest)

    Very well written poem depicting the importance of teachers in our lives.....which is mostly forgotten.

  28. Chahat nankani(Guest)

    Thank u so much sir
    yah kavita maine apne baccho Ko sikhayi aur wo unke kaam aayi aaj teachers day per unhone apne shishak Ko sunayi thanks once again

  29. Anmol Tiwari(Guest)

    very nice poem dedicated to teachers

  30. Isha singh(Guest)

    this poem tells us about a teacher. it tells that how a teacher helps we children. she spreads her knowledge. it also tells that we should respect our teacher.

  31. Prakhyat bhatnagar(Guest)

    ek shishak ko ek kavita me pirona bohat mushkil kam he but u made it sir
    heads of to u

  32. Vandita mishra(Guest)

    bhut sundar panktiyan likhi hai sir....aise hi aur bi margdarshk kavitayen liktey rahiye..

  33. ND Saifi(Guest)

    Nice Poem

  34. Upasana Saraf(Guest)

    Beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing it..

  35. Varisha khan(Guest)

    Very nice poem devoted to teacher......

  36. Sunil Kumarr(Registered Member)

    @Rajesh Pradhan
    Dear Rajesh Pardhan,
    Just register your self with poemocean.com (It is free) and you will start getting poem updates posted on this website.

    Sunil Kumar

  37. Rajesh Pradhan(Guest)

    Great poem, shukla sir, namaskar its really beautiful, all my school children enjoyed would you kindly help me how can I be your regular readr of your post.

  38. Poonam(Guest)

    Dr.Shukla ji i love ur poems and i teach them to my child.

  39. Seema aggarwal(Guest)

    It is written beautifully and in simple words. thanks for uploading it.

  40. Sunil Kumarr(Registered Member)

    Its my pleasure that I could help you.

  41. Nila(Guest)

    thank u very much sir for ur help..i have checked out other poems on the http link address provided by u and some of them will be useful for my kids..

  42. Sunil Kumarr(Registered Member)

    This poem is written by Dr. Parshuram and it is really very nice that is why it has been shared here.

    You can find the poem on benefit of being educated in "Education" category.


    I also recommend the following poem


    Hope it will help you.

  43. Nila(Guest)

    sir i have read ur peoms u really right vry nice poems..i need a peom in hindi on benefits of being educated importance of education and the disadvantages of being uneducated..sir if u could help me i would be greatful to u. i need a poem on it by monday for my students who are partcipating at p-ward level school competition

  44. Twinkle(Guest)

    beautiful poem shows the importance of a TEACHER .

  45. Isha Singh(Guest)

    It is a very nice poem, that tells us about the importance of teacher in our life.


    it's very very nice

  47. Meera singh(Guest)

    very nice poem sir thank you

  48. Shiv aggarwal(Guest)

    to good sir excellent poem heads off to u sir

  49. Tanvi sharma(Guest)

    Thanx ur poem helps me to win competition.,:-|

  50. Vasudev Singh(Guest)

    Very nice poem sir on the contribution of a teacher in our life. I liked it very much.

  51. Kavya mishra(Guest)

    i really like ur composition sir...........................please make a poem on"journey of man"

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