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Dr. Parshuram Shukla
Dr. Parshuram Shukla
Dr. Parshuram Shukla

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    Deepak (Guest)
    Commented on 27-May-2017

    My name is deepak same work any doubt.

    Commented for: Deepak

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    Pradeep kumar (Guest)
    Commented on 12-May-2017

    thanks for poem shukla ji.

    Commented for: Aayi Sardi Aayi

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    Mukul srivastava (Guest)
    Commented on 27-April-2017

    Thanks sir for giving me a sutable poem to speak in morning assembli..

    Commented for: Bahut Zaroori Hoti Shiksha

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    Nancy (Guest)
    Commented on 18-April-2017

    Too good :).

    Commented for: Prakriti Ka Sandesh

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    Rakshita (Guest)
    Commented on 01-March-2017

    Very heart touching poem for grandparents.

    Commented for: Dada-Dadi Nana-Nani

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    Ansh (Guest)
    Commented on 08-February-2017

    Good poems.

    Commented for: Pariksha

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    Samar (Guest)
    Commented on 26-January-2017


    Commented for: Aayi Sardi Aayi

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    Bhopi chauhan (Guest)
    Commented on 25-January-2017

    BawA ji MST.. Pome....

    Commented for: Desh Humara

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    Deepa Panchamia (Guest)
    Commented on 21-January-2017

    Jai ho Gai mata.

    Commented for: Gaay Humari Mata

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    Snehanshu Singh (Guest)
    Commented on 18-January-2017

    It was really a fabulous and fantastic poem in hindi regarding the topic for "RAIN". It helped me in my h.w..

    Commented for: Varsha

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