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  • Priyanka Gautam (Registered Member)
    Commented on 17-January-2017

    poem is fun for children nd they njy reading it... .

    Commented for: Mera gudda

  • Tushar (Guest)
    Commented on 16-January-2017

    Thank you for this poem l am in very difficult situation l search many poems but I don't like only this poem I like soon much .

    Commented for: Mehanat

  • Sid (Registered Member)
    Commented on 15-January-2017


    Commented for: Patjhad

  • Sid (Registered Member)
    Commented on 15-January-2017

    Grt tym..!! Going onwards..!! ;).

    Commented for: Flowing sighťs

  • Antima lunker (Guest)
    Commented on 13-January-2017

    for all those who have lost their dear ones.

    Commented for: Aa bhi jaa tu kahi se

  • Vishant (Guest)
    Commented on 12-January-2017

    nice poem
    i like this poem.

    Commented for: Yaad Rah Jayenge School Ke Din

  • Kunal (Guest)
    Commented on 11-January-2017

    It is very good poem.

    Commented for: Safalta Ki Raah

  • Vineet singh (Guest)
    Commented on 10-January-2017

    It was an awesome poem.

    Commented for: Sabse Meetha Meetha Bol

  • Priyanshu salwan (Guest)
    Commented on 10-January-2017


    Commented for: Aaya Basant

  • Om (Guest)
    Commented on 09-January-2017

    Nice poem.

    Commented for: Desh Humara

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