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"126 days of forever love"

18 -Feb-2016 shraddha verma Relationship Poems 0 Comments  861 Views

The First poem..I wrote by my self :) ;)


This is my story
I must say.
I tell you the truth,
Of my love,i sway..!

I am not a poet
But your love made me so,
Today i am writing
Coz i can't let you go..!

I hated love earlier..
Alone was i..
You made me a lover
And only you make me cry !

We started as friends
We became love partners.
You are so dear to me,
As roses are to gardeners.

We met in a virtual world,
Which you soon turned real.
You taught me how
to love and to dare..!

Love is just amazing,
You made me understand :*
How can you forget the moments..?
Which were so beautifully spent.

(Few lines to make you remember something)


Like a crazy everywhere
You followed me,
And told me always..
"I will love you FOREVER, you will see..!!"

We stared at each other,
hiding from the world.
Are you memorizing that..
Or still is it blurred?????

Like mads we talked
for day and night.
(But now i think)
You are leaving me alone,
I scare,i fright..!

I can't forget your status..
For me on FB and whatsapp.
Atleast tell me a reason.Why
Is our closness becoming a gap??

I am used to cry for day and night,
And you don't bother to ask me here,
"My sweetiee,are you alright?Don't worry,i still love you Dear."

You can't blow off
The candles you lit.
Life without you..
Is a Hell..What a shit..??

Love has always been
A way of ups and downs.
You once called me your princess..
Then why did you snatch my crown...???

Your love was not fake..
I know,i believe
Now..only the hope of getting you back..
Makes me feel relief.

I wish i could now,
Touch you and Hug..!
My Dear,please come back..
I may die without your

written by
- Shraddha Dewangan :)

Dedicated to

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