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23 -Jan-2013 Pranav M 15 August Poem 0 Comments  2,328 Views

As his country rages in the fire of
Corruption and injustice,
His blood boils and his heart burns
With the fire of patriotism and love
For his dear,dear motherland!
Thousands of youth rally around him;
Old men support him and shout
And march with their remaining strength.
He fights fearing nothing;
In his veins flow the blood of determination
And in his head here is nothing other than
Protecting his dear, dear country!
However, success is not always within grasp.
If he loses, he mostly dies;but only mortally!
His spirit lives on and leaves the torch of
Nationalism burning in every of his co-patriots!
If he wins, he will be more satisfied than ever,
And he will be hailed forever!

Dedicated to
The great freedom fighters of INDIA

Dedication Summary
I want to dedicate this poem to the freedom fighters of INDIA, for their struggle!

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