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A salute to them all !

05 -May-2020 Tileshwar (kaju) Sahare Motivational Poems 0 Comments  213 Views
Tileshwar (kaju) Sahare

People in the lock,
Only little they walk,
Distance from each,
May be poor or rich,
It doesn't matter at all,
The population let to fall,
Hospitals are the temples,
Superheroes collecting the samples,
Patients playing between positive & negative,
Same people safe in their native,
The real superheroes,
Taking their life to zeroes,
Trying to save the globe,
With the ray of hope,
The scientific worriers,
Beyond the frontier,
Working on immune,
Hoping successful trial very soon,
A salute to them all,
The pendemic will fall,
Again the globe will cheer,
Without any tear...

................ by Tileshwar Sahare.

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