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An appeal to teachers from students

11 -Feb-2020 Mahesh B. Sahay Ved Student Poems 1 Comments  945 Views
An appeal to teachers from students

An appeal to teacher from students.

Although we are barefoot
Yet our tiny eyes have some dreams.
Although we lack suit and boot
Yet we long for to be ocean's streams.

We have dreams of good life
Betterment for humanity.
Our life is dark rife
We'll spread the message of Amity.

O' teacher , pour your love
Award us with your benevolence
We'll fly in the sky like a dove
Mould us magnificent & full of elegace.

Whatever circumstances ,
We'll step toward school.
Whatever happenstances ,
We'll pick a pen as a tool.

Composed by:-
Mahesh B. Sahay Ved
Lecturer In English
GGSSS, Dalot
Pratapgarh, Rajasthan

An appeal to teachers from students

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