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The spring season


The spring season : Here is the english poem on spring season. This poem describe the beauty and charm of spring season.

18 -Feb-2011 Rajender Nishesh Basant Poem 2 Comments  36,833 Views
Rajender Nishesh

Clasping thorns to their bosom,
In season spring flowers blossom.

It's green all around,
The birds produce sweet sound.

Flowers teach us ever to smile,
Never to be sad even for a while.

Never do they take to pricking,
To the plant they keep sticking.

Children enjoy flying the kites,
All around are beautiful sights.

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    Yogendra Jatav (Guest)
    Commented on 14-February-2021

    Yes and like.

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    Gabanan (Guest)
    Commented on 30-January-2019

    Lovely poem.

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