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Beating Black Drums

30 -Dec-2015 Darlington Philip Culture Poems 0 Comments  1,200 Views
Darlington Philip

Out of the shadows of the night,
Dark as the past I regret,
I hear the beating of the black drum,
Screaming out my name,
Louder and louder as time passes,
The beating black drums knows my tune,
A feeling so strong,
I can't compare nor resist,
Time after time,
I have battled to stay put,
To control my sanity from the beating black drum,
Time after time I have failed,
From the dark powers of the beating black drum,
The rythm of the black drum takes me away,
I fight with blood and sweat,
But I cave into the,
Sweet melodies of the beating black drum,
Girating and dancing the night away,
The beating black drums know my song,
And it plays it everytime,
To keep me containes and intrested,
The beating black drum plays with me,
Through out the night the beating black drum holds me down,
But let's go as morning comes,
Fixing a date for me,
Till I hear the dark beats of the beating black drum,
I will keep my secrets contained,
Cause only the beating black drum knows me.

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