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Beautiful Things

12 -Oct-2017 Shakti Suman Beauty Poems 0 Comments  187 Views
Shakti Suman

I like beautiful things,
Beautiful people, faces, smiles,
And even the serene evenings,
I like beautiful things.

Sometimes the shining city lights,
Sometimes the suburban nights,
Sometimes the shimmering rain in moon,
Sometimes the sublime gloom,
Sums up my life and whims, still, the desire clings,
I like beautiful things.

A beautiful thing, just like Turkish delight,
Don’t come in lumps but have great might.
Then maybe my longings aren’t so crappy,
For as I see, it’s a privilege to be happy.

So I say this too, happiness is a virtue,
If you could find it somewhere, you must pursue.
And as I feel happy being around beautiful things,
I must make myself worthy and get the wings,
To fly off to a world of merriment and glee,
Where everyone says, they are as good as they can be.
The holy grail of elation and the contentment it brings,
Yes, I like beautiful things.

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