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Bhookhi Gaay Kachra Charti


Bhookhi Gaay / Gaiya Kachra Charti : It is one of the best hindi poem about effect of not dumping waste or garbage properly. Due to this there are a lot of polythenes, rotten vegetables and other domestic wastage get scattered on the road side where many animals eat them which cause them fatal diseases.

15 -Nov-2017 Dr. Roopchandra Shastri Mayank Animals Poem 0 Comments  2,628 Views
Dr. Roopchandra Shastri Mayank

Bhookhi Gaay / Gaiya Kachra Charti.

Hungary cow eat whatever
she found around the road side.
She is hungary so she eat
garbage like it is a sweet dish.

Her calf ask to her that
how he can eat garbage?
He say that our master milk
all milk and he do not leave any milk for me.
Calf is looking here and there
in the hope that he could get some food grass.

Bhookhi Gaay Kachra Charti

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