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28 -Dec-2011 Daniel Uju Break Up Poems 0 Comments  1,976 Views
Daniel Uju

Am sorry i had to leave this way
But i cant be stucked in this forever

Its my cross
Its my steak
I will carry it alone
I will bear it alone

Please Magdalene
Dont cry for me
Dont throw stones at me
Dont crucify me with the rest of them

Your love is all man needs
So sincere
So pure and perfect
With you is home
But not my own
This big part of me i cant hide

I ve gone far from you
I ve found my true home
I ve found freedom in love
This is my heaven
This is my kingdom
Under the crucifix upside down
I ve got a throne here
I ve got a crown here
Now free from the guilt of love
Now free from pleasurable torture

Drop the red egg
Wipe off those tears
Because on that day
I wont resurrect

I miss you Magdalene
Save your ointment
Save your long hairs
someones feet needs them more
Go find that one
Go find your jesus

Apostle of Apostles
Read me first and only
Say no word to my deciples
Say no word to my mother
Do not ask my brothers and sisters
Do not tell the capenter

Bye Magdalene.

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