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While You Leave

11 -Jul-2012 Varna Salunke Break Up Poems 0 Comments  1,721 Views
Varna Salunke

Thou, apart from me
Sorrow, is all I can see
But you robbed my heart, tears,
dejection, contrite, grief and fears.
I felt your touch deep inside lane
It enraptured me, erastic I became
But for your Love I cried
Your Love I felt inside.
Palpable are those memories
Deadlock became these scenaries.
Thou, submerged in my imagination.
Who's the one who made this creation?
A smile will always remind me of you
Happiness that I remember are few.
Moments slip from my hand, a crime
Please do haste thee, there comes time.
I loved you and will always do love
You go away as life takes a curve.
We were together but now will not be.
I will tarry for you and you will for me.

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