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But I remember The Day

15 -Feb-2020 Mahesh B. Sahay Ved Birthday Poems 0 Comments  1,024 Views
But I remember The Day

But I Remember The Day

Dedicate to
(Prof.) Mr. P.M Meena
(Head of Department-English)
Late. Rajesh Pilot Govt. P.G College, Bandikui, Rajasthan

You don’t remember the day
When you rebuked me for talking in class
During your lecture
But I remember the day.

Some day I was unknown to you
I was a normal class student to you
Time by time we came closer to each other
And finally in me something you discover .

How can anyone foget someone’s favour
As same how can I forget my saviour
Whatever today I am jut because of your personally touch
How can I bound your glory in words which is so much.

Always keep blessing me
So that new dreams I can see
Bless me to fly in the dark rolling sky
With your blessing I will erect my head high.

Truly you gave me understanding of things
Truly to fly you gave me the wings
You carried me to the light from darkness
Because of you I have found true happiness.

Very Happy Birthday Sir !!

Composed by:-
Mahesh B. Sahay Ved
(Lecturer In English)
Govt. Girls’ Senior Secondary School
Dalot, Pratapgarh ( Rajasthan)

But I remember The Day

Dedicated to
Mr. P.M Meena

Dedication Summary
For giving his teachings .....

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