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Call to Humanity


Call to Humanity : Call to Humanity is the best english poem on peace and humanity. This poem teach us to spread peace and humanity in the world. It teach us to live together and show the sprit of brotherhood. This poem encourage us to make this earth a heaven to live.

20 -Nov-2017 Prem Sagar Peace Poems 0 Comments  903 Views
Call to Humanity

Come on eveyone
Come on everyone
Let us this world make a heaven.

Love for all, for none hatred,
No fighting and no violence,
Let there be peace and tolerance,
that is the way,
how hearts are won,
how hearts are won,
Come on everyone

No boundaries and no barriers,
Let us be all peace carriers,
Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians,
Whether Indians, Chinese or Americans,
true master makes us all brethren,
true master makes us all brethren,

Happiness for all, we always pray,
No ill will "Sagar" come what may,
Think good, do good humanity,
Everyone may enjoy prosperity,
That is the essence of Nirankari Mission,
That is the essence of Nirankari Mission,

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