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Change is must!!

14 -Oct-2016 NG Motivational Poems 0 Comments  662 Views

The stroll inside me asked to change
Because there is no place where I can eternally stay
The inward emotions enclosing me asked to change
Because nothing halts lastingly, sooner or later everything will run away..
The vital evolution in me asked to change
Because no one is going to love me in the always fond way..
The existent moment in me asked to change
Because there stands an inevitable future as well as a departed yesterday..
The dream moving in me asked to change
Because every time my story will not hold the same content
The outlet in my purse asked to change
I don’t owe this heaven , they may sometime shift the rent…
The infirmity surrounding me asked to change
Because someday I may have to pledge individually with my weeping eye
The triumph chasing me asked to change
Because the success will not stay permanent so high
The zeal for life and anxiety of death asked me to change
Because time will keep rolling me and the hidden ‘I’
So I must change says the alchemy and says the universe
Because in the end what I cannot change is the moment when I will DIE..

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