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Chemistry-English -real life

26 -May-2016 sukarma Thareja Education Poem 0 Comments  1,140 Views
sukarma Thareja

Chemistry –English-Real life
In chemistry,
I learnt howFrom Le Chatliers Principle,
products can be predicted,
When equilibrium,
Balance is disturbed,
But I have yet to see,
How I can use that in real life,
So formal school education,
seem to be so pointless to me.
In English
I learnt how to talk about relationships,
And how to say,
My physical and mental chemistry,
Matches with his physical and mental chemistry,
I learnt how to say,
My personality,
Is compatible with his personality,
I learnt how to say,
My interests
Are compatible with his interests,
But I have yet to see
How I can use that in real life:
So formal school education,
seem to be so pointless to me.

And I can say with certainty,
With knowledge of English-Chemistry,
I have not yet equipped,
My self with an essential skill:
A skill; needed for my survival ,
I have not yet learned,
How to make people around,
Love and respect me,
So all my education –formal,
Seems pointless to me.

Sukarma Rani Thareja
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Ch Ch College

Dedicated to
To educationist

Dedication Summary
Good educationist always impart formal as well as informal education to masses.I salute them for this nobel cause

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