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13 -Jul-2013 barbara stump Countryside Poems 0 Comments  1,448 Views
barbara stump

echoes thru the quietness of the hills
surrenders my being unto the kinship of my will
tranquil like the meadow I blend into the night
softly the echo hallows the starlight

the shadows around me inhabit my form
while the stars of moonbeams are just being born
the streams are silent while the echoes are soft
I listen to hear but the winds are aloft

my movement disturbs the presence around
the silence is broken as echoes abound
the hill awakens from my sound
as I walk towards the stream

I softly follow the flow of the stream
the echo turns silent again it seems
for the moonbeam has ended and daybreak has come
the shadows departed and dewdrops begun

I have again walked thru the night with whisper of time
moonbeams and echoes took over my mind
the day has chased them so far away
but I will come back to wait for them at the end of the day

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