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Drama Queen sister

21 -Aug-2016 jasbaat Relationship Poems 0 Comments  391 Views
Drama Queen sister

U r like moons bright light
Like shining star in dark night
On every issue u r always ready for fight.
U r not at all polite.
We fight for clothes, we fight for remote even for my scandals
I wish god can made u with a tag"not easy to handle".

U r my chocolate ice cream
Becoming miss india is ur only dream.
U look funny when u scream for a pimple.
Ur smile is beautiful without any dimple.
And yeah u don't like ur life to be so simple.

U r my partner in every crime
Sometime u r sweet like sugar and sour like lime.
U blackmail me through my secrets
U started dancing on every little break..
U r soo foody
And of course very moody..

When u put lots of make up over ur face
U seems like a patient runs from a mental ward.
Handling u when u r pissed, is very hard.
U r my show off queen
Who is always good at creating scene .

Yeah u r my shadow in every sense
But ur brain is lack of common sense.
U steal my shirt,u steal my friends even my parents
Still I love u..

Remember one thing
I comes first that makes me elder and best..
So u always have to walk beside me
And u always called to be my next...
This is a true fact...

Dedicated to

Dedication Summary
This is the only poem that i wrote for her,which defines my drama queen.

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