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Boundless on Satin

16 -Sep-2013 barbara stump Dream Poems 0 Comments  1,415 Views
barbara stump

The leaves start to change as autumn begins.
They fall to the ground when swift winds twirl in.
Coolness the feel upon my skin,
as the horse under me, springs pace into life again.

Satin in black, her mane, that hangs down her back.
Strong the flanks, brings passions, to flight her tracks.
Hearts is ours, in one as it seems.
Together, to hold this motion in time, a dream.

Boundless the pasture, as we ride so free.
Time stands still, this memory in me.
Satin, forever, rides free in the skies.
Whenever I need her, I'll close my eyes, will mount to ride.

Dedicated to
Christina Stump Smith

Dedication Summary
For her love of all animals and one day she would love to have a horse of her own.

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