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02 -May-2012 Francisco Escandon Dream Poems 0 Comments  2,095 Views
Francisco Escandon

We all have dreams.
But what are dreams?
How far will we go to chase a dream that may never be accomplished?
A dream that is worth chasing
Must be the obstacle that is worth facing ,
But the dream we want the most is
An expectation of how you get their
And a person worth changing to see life
In a dream that is reality.
It is nice to dream but the reality of an accomplishment
To get there is a long road worth waiting for
At the end of the lane
If a dream is worth fighting for
Then you have to make it through the thunder
And the rain to see that reaching a dream is a sweet
Game that you have won
And though there is award indeed a dream accomplished
Is a job well done.

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