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Khul ke jina chahta hu

13 -Oct-2012 Rohit Sharma Dream Poems 2 Comments  2,378 Views
Rohit Sharma

Me in parindo jese,
aajad rahna chahta hu.
me aasman me udan bhar,
udte rahna chahta hu.
kahi dur jakar kuch pal,
khul karjina chahta hu.
me in parindo ko dekh,
aasman me udte rahna chahta hu.
chote chote tinko se,
apna ghironda bunna chahta hu
Me in parindo jese,
aasman me udte rahna chahta hu.

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  • poemocean logo
    Rohit (Guest)
    Commented on 17-December-2012

    Thanks jagmohan...

  • poemocean logo
    Jagmohan jetha (Guest)
    Commented on 16-October-2012

    very nice poem.

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