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28 -Jun-2011 Dr. Dinesh Chamola Education Poem 2 Comments  12,987 Views
Dr. Dinesh Chamola

Bade gyan ki khaan kitaab.
sab dhan se dhanwaan kitaab.
Gita aur Kuraan kitaab.
Badon ki maan kitaab.
Bachchon ki hai jaan kitaab.
Deti yash ka daan kitaab.


बड़े ज्ञान की खान किताब.
सब धन से धनवान किताब.
गीता और कुरान किताब.
बड़ों की मान किताब.
बच्चों की है जान किताब.
देती यश का दान किताब.

Dedicated to
To all book lovers.

Dedication Summary
Books are the best friend of every people.
If you follow them they will protect you from every evil.

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  • poemocean logo
    Parshuram shukla (Guest)
    Commented on 07-April-2014

    nice poem,but try to correct the meterof the 4th line of the poem..

  • Preeti Khare
    Preeti Khare (Registered Member)
    Commented on 17-October-2012

    Kitab ke mahatva ko darshati
    Bal kavita prashansniya hai..

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