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Entering Teens

28 -Aug-2018 Rashmi Gupta Youngster Poems 0 Comments  157 Views
Rashmi Gupta

Teenage has just begun,
It’s crazy, magical and fun.
You will smile for no reason,
And feel like dancing in rainy season.

There are so many dreams in eyes,
To go beyond and rise.
Sweet feelings to end the day,
Taking the breaths away.

You will be flying high,
No limits but the sky,
Everything looks so easy,
Sometimes you may act a bit cheesy.

Its time to form new perspectives,
You will become a bit selective,
Opinions would no longer be collective,
And will be driven by objectives.

It may not always be sunny,
Some folks may act a bit funny.
This phase defines your future,
Always be a winner and never a looser.

Even if you fall at times,
Get back up and run to strive.
Always be happy and do your best,
God will take care of the rest.

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