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12 -Nov-2019 Poet unseen Examination Poem 0 Comments  546 Views

Oh! Examination
You just give students tension
I know study is your motivation
But why you take away our passion?

Let us enjoy our movie break free
Let us enjoy our lives tension free
If you have wisdom
Then please give us freedom

But I know you are golden
Trying to change students of wooden
You live in misery
Giving other children victory

You are the only teacher
Who is honorary
You are the only preacher
Who is not ordinary

I know you follow the policy of cruelty
To teach us life should not be always frailty
You make someone fortunate
While someone gets sadness which is temperate

Fear is the thought of students when you come before
So, don't be worry for
But yes don't make us too much tense
That we forget about our tense!!

--by Sneha Chand

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