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A lady

28 -Mar-2014 Rahul Krishna Srivastava Family Poems 0 Comments  1,021 Views
Rahul Krishna Srivastava

Listen you shining sky,I am giving you a challenge,It is upon you to accept or deny.
I am very happy now,anyone who knows asks me,why?
I do not want to answer,for expression,I don’t have the way,
It is a very important moment for me,the time is offering me a wonderful stay.
The time itself,is giving me an opportunity,I will use that properly.
Something is there nowadays,which is changing me totally.
I am getting a change in my lifestyle,finally I am learning to believe,
One thinks I have this quality in me,I am trying the best to percieve.

The reason behind this happiness,is a great pressure,
Because of whom it is,for me, is more than a treasure.
Yes,I have got someone,being very special for me,
My emotions and respect towards that person,are deeper than the sea.
Now I wish, if I were able to thank her,
Even I have many words but I don’t know which one is to prefer.
As she is incredible,nothing can stand infront of her comparison,
For her,none of the words can give my expression.
In this life-named journey,some give happiness and some emotional shower
But I can say with confidence that a lady,day-by-day,is becoming my positive power.

Rahul K. Srivastava

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