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Fare De Well

24 -Apr-2018 Ani Farewell Poems 0 Comments  2,493 Views
Fare De Well

I remember the day I met you,
Nothing seemed to be special bout you,
I then, walked a couple of steps with you,
And thus found out the inner you,
I remember the day I met you.

The shy guy, that you are,
The thinker, that you are,
The gentleman, that you are,
The guide, that you are,

My time time was short with you,
The way now parts for you,
Friend, I shall miss you,
Cause a lot's still to learn from you,
I remember the day I met you.

A friend, a guide, that were you,
Fare de Well, I bid you,
Remember, just to remember, I want you,
That I shall never forget you,
I remember the day I met you.

Fare de Well my dear friend, Gob bless You!

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