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Football ka Khel


Football ka Khel: "The game of football" is a Hindi sports or game poem for kids. This sports poem on football portray the rules and directions of football game. Football is played with the help of foot. On the off chance that we deliberately or accidentally touch the football by hand then we get foul. Foul means an unfair or invalid stroke or piece of play, especially one involving interference with an opponent. So if we play football within rule and regulation then it is one of the interesting game.

04 -Aug-2018 Gafoor Snehi Sports Poems 0 Comments  4,489 Views
Gafoor Snehi

Khel yah khelein taango se,
haath lagayein to FOUL.
FOOTBALL ko jaan lijiye,
nahi karni hai ye bhool.

Khel ke romanch mein aata,
taango wali karaamat.
fir khelo manoyog se,
kabhi na hogi maat.

Football ka Khel

फुटबॉल का खेल

खेल यह खेलें टाँगो से,
हाथ लगायें तो फाउल.
फुटबॉल को जान लीजिए,
नही करनी है ये भूल.

खेल के रोमांच में आता,
टाँगो वाली करामात.
फिर खेलो मनोयोग से,
कभी न होगी मात .

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