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A Friend (not really)

18 -Nov-2014 Abhishek Gupta Friendship Poems 0 Comments  1,090 Views
Abhishek Gupta

A friend of mine, oh! Really not fine
Causing pain in my ass, and isn’t easy to pass
Got my roomie mesmerize, with his hell’a stupid talk
No matter how hard I try, never leaves my wall
He call himself my roomie, pretending to be very worthy
But I don’t give a damn, and it is crystal clear and healthy
He got this psycho strength, terrorizing me every second
But he isn’t at all aware; I am a gym guy of weekend
So beware; watch your foot, before u walk through my door
With your every more mischiefs, I will make you lick the floor
I should have done this earlier, the first day you came to us
But because I was so thrilled, I was happy for us
Sure that was a terrible mistake, I never foreseen beyond
With drop n drop of mutation, you went out of command
So friend I know, reading this will be hard for you
But as a matter of fact, I must admit…….this is mere clue
All the dirty thoughts in mind, I have written few of them
Don’t you dare to beat me, adopt good….don’t be lame

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he is really pain in my ass!!!

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