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04 -Jan-2013 Tileshwar (kaju) Sahare Friendship Poems 4 Comments  1,964 Views
Tileshwar (kaju) Sahare

Like a soft thread,
As in the kite,
It helped the kite,
To take the flight.

I know life is not a bed of roses,
But without this nothing I posses,
what’s this pls tell me my lord ?
Its really like a pinching sword,
Why it make me sometimes glad ?
And sometimes sad.

Till the time we were friends.
My life was like a evergreen land.
And now as enemy we are,
It has taken us too far.
It reason is only small misunderesting,
The port is empty and the plane is not landing.

O” God pls tell me what wrong I did ?
Whats the broken heart’s seed.
If she is away I can’t bear.
My eyes are full of tear.
It makes me fill with full emotion.
Now I am tourchered and legs have no motion.
Is there to tell me some solution.
Because Iam in full confusion.
Now I sway I will not take any risk,
As friendship I made problems are fixed.
As friendship I made problems are fixed.

Dedicated to
my friend whom i had liked ..........

Dedication Summary
Bcause we r too far now . we had no converse sinc 1 year..........that friend has given me so many pains.............

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  • poemocean logo
    Tileshwar sahare (Guest)
    Commented on 06-January-2013

    Dost jab pas hota hai to accha lagta hai aur door chal jata hai to bahut dard hota hai..

  • ronak brahmbhatt
    Ronak brahmbhatt (Registered Member)
    Commented on 06-January-2013

    really a good start................

  • Tileshwar (kaju) Sahare
    Tileshwar (kaju) Sahare (Registered Member)
    Commented on 05-January-2013

    Ok i will write in paragraph wise .it is starting so i did mistake. Pls give comment because its dedacated to someone....whom i ...........

  • ronak brahmbhatt
    Ronak brahmbhatt (Registered Member)
    Commented on 05-January-2013

    nice poem
    par paragraph ya line wise hoti poem to aur maza aata padhne me......

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