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18 -Aug-2018 DR RITA MALHOTRA Family Poems 0 Comments  453 Views

i carry a lighted candle
through a small window
of time
to kindle life within me

nine months later
as an orange-red sun seeks refuge
in night’s embrace
i travel through my body
to reach you
i live each breath of yours
you are a face in today’s moon

through winding tributaries
of blood-conduits
i race to keep pace
with the flow of my blood
your blood
i shiver through contractions
of every muscle in the womb
their finer movements converge
in your tiny being

in creases of smiling thoughts
i live a secret dream with you
sharing unspoken words.
i turn the needles of my clock
for dawn to step in early
weaving tomorrow’s face

magic in your first cry
in answer to the call of the world.
the river of love gushes out
in touching you
i touch the face of god

as dawn descends this morning
a twin sun rises

along-side the diurnal morning star

Dedicated to
my son Kunal

Dedication Summary
the poem was penned about a year after my son's birth. this is my expression of my unconditional love for my child.

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