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Given up

15 -Apr-2017 vani lavakush Sad Poems 0 Comments  783 Views
Given up

He holds me tightly in his grip
I try to break free
And I do everything to get away
But he controls me
He controls my body
He controls my mind
He controls my heart
He thinks

He loves to torture me
With his words
Until my heart goes numb
Numb from the constant pain
Numb from his tight grip
Numb from his steel eyes
He thinks

My actions are his actions
Because I'm his puppet
He manipulates my thoughts
My thoughts are also dark
My thoughts are also sick
My thoughts are clouded by him
He thinks

He has changed me
Transformed me to be like him
Evil, sadist and wicked
His wickedness burns me
His devilry consumes me
His viciousness tempts me
He thinks right

Because he owns me
And there's nothing I can do.

-Vani Lavakush

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