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Halwahe Aur Bail


Halwahe Aur Bail : Here is the best hindi poem describing the conditions of farmers. These days farmers are facing big financial problems and they are commiting suicide due to failing in paying the loans they took for farming. Yah hindi kavitad kisano dwara kiye jane waale aatmhatya ke dard ko byan karti hai.

18 -Nov-2017 Bas Deo Sharma Profession Poems 0 Comments  1,469 Views
Bas Deo Sharma

Halwahe aur Bail (Farmers and Ox)

Here is the hindi poem about ancient and modern farming. In early days farming was an profitable profession. Farmers were use traditional methods for farming. They used animals like ox for ploughing farms. Farming was an respectable profession.

These day due to latest technologies the methods of farming have been entirely changed. Although these day due to advanced technologies the production of farmers have been increased but the financial conditions of farmers are not improved. The changes in climate have made this profession even worst. Due to industrial development various types of pollutions like air pollution, noise pollution etc. have put negative effect on earths climate.

Here is the hindi farmers poem with images has described the condition of modern farmers and farming.

Halwahe Aur Bail

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