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Him and I

31 -Jul-2022 Dhanushree Love Poem 0 Comments  54 Views

I went to see him after years in his place
He was there waiting for me
I started walking towards him a bit nervous
He was there on call with me giving directions
I saw him finally with my heart beating fast
He was cute giving the smile which I wish to last
I may sound cinematic but he obviously gave me butterflies
He took me and walked in the road side
I and him went to take rickshaw
He was directing the man and i was sitting near him
I saw him at corner of my eyes
It may be cliche but only thing I saw was him
He took me to his room
I still the the lights which made the place more lighten
I hugged him so tight even his bones would have been broken
I never craved for that hug but it was so special
I was waiting for that hug or maybe the excitement
He wiped my tears and made me smile
I wanted these moments to be freeze
He and I did not say the word love but expressed the whole
He gave me lot of advices
I was there listening to him like a child
He said stop getting emotionally attached
I utter to say you're more than that that yet I kept my mouth shut
He again made me laugh because he understood that I was mad
I want to leave his place because of time
He walked with me and gave me a bye
I went without saying anything because if I say things I will definitely cry

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