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I Remember Those Memories

16 -Nov-2019 Sunishth Shauq Guru Mahima Poem 0 Comments  323 Views
I Remember Those Memories

I remember those memories,
all peaceful and bright.
The excitement in my emotions
Whenever you came in sight.

That royal and glorious shine,
That pure and pious face.
That used to brighten my mood up,
In the darkest of my days.

I remember those times,
When you used to bless my life,
With material and emotional joy,
Making me feel truly alive.

That slight mischief in your eyes,
That ever-forgiving personality
That used to embrace every fault in me,
The most comforting version of reality.

There's no positive end to this one,
All I'm doing here is writing in grief
For the master is still here to love us,
But it's the Mother I miss, that had to leave.

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