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25 -Aug-2018 PRATHAMESH JHA Patriotic Poems 0 Comments  354 Views

India is a magnificent place,
bustling with thousands of men,
If you experience it's heritage,
You will come to visit again.
Many important people were born here,
Who have extraordinary achievements,
And many great rulers and monarchs,
built fabulous monuments.
If you see the tourist attractions,
You'll jump with ecstasy,
But people vote for the government here,
As this is a democracy.
Many sports-persons hailed from here,
like Sehwag and Tendulkar,
And many monarchs ruled here,
like Khalji,Tughluq and Babur.
We have many scientists,
like Homi J. Bhabha and C.V. Raman,
And various intelligent pioneers,
like Sundar Pichai and Sreedharan.
So this is all about India,
A great famous land,
And anyone else who experiences this,
Feels empowered and grand


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