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06 -Oct-2011 karen northcutt Life Poem 0 Comments  1,464 Views
karen northcutt

Finally starting to breath again
Finally feeling that I will live
Finally I stopped crying
Finally wanting to live.

Yesterdays dreams are gone
Today’s dreams are of me
Tomorrows’ dreams are unknown
The future to far to see.

Wishes and desires beckon to me
Buried long ago
Rising to the surface
I promise to take it slow.

I see your hand waving still
Calling out to me
Your still trying to hold on
But I no longer believe.

Finally, finally, I can breathe again
Finally wanting to live
You can no longer hurt me
I gave all I can give.

We’ve become different people
We are no longer the same
I have different needs now
I can’t play your game.

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