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Life is Precious

09 -Feb-2015 Lavanya Shekar Life Poem 0 Comments  1,233 Views
Life is Precious

Life is Precious !
Life is not a just a game,
Its not only just a fame,
Life is one chance to prove ourselves,
Life is a mystery of adventures,
Life is Precious !

Life is precious !
It not a point of winning the game of Life
It is the point of getting chance &
Participating in the game of Life,
Winning is not must in this game,
Life is Precious !

We might be stupid in front of all,
But we know we are unique in a way,
We should take up the game of Life,
As this game is not that simple to take up,
Game of life needs your confidence,
Life is Precious !

Take up Life as it is Precious !!!

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