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Will You Love Me?

29 -Oct-2013 Yamit Punetha 'Zaif' Lonely Poems 0 Comments  1,275 Views
Yamit Punetha 'Zaif'

I'm so broken that no help can cure me,
And I've no words to describe how I feel..
The sorrow of life has given me wounds,
But I'll try until my wounds heal.

The emptiness buried in me is opening its
Like a mighty hawk grabbing its tiny prey..
I've no one to share my innermost pains,
I'm just so lonely, what else can I say?

This world of emotions is emotionless so
I've got none to say that you're mine.
I moved on, on my own, away from all,
I've the feeling that none can define..

So I'm asking you to feel how I feel,
Can you see the pain which always I see?
I'm not asking for more than a good friend,
I know its hard, but will you love me?

- Zaif

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