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Love Happens

14 -Jul-2020 Anu Agrawal Love Poem 0 Comments  1,312 Views
Anu Agrawal

I miss you I miss you I miss you every day,
Its a nightmare to see you walking away.

I wish I could hold you tight and never let you go,
But that would be my second mistake in a single row,
Loving you more than anything still comes the first,
Lesson learnt honey, Love yourself is really a must.

All those memories and fake promises are now having dust,
I'm stronger than anything with my broken trust.

I remember! I remember how you used to love my tears,
And credit goes to you, now I know how to fight with my fears.

I don't regret that I fell for you,
Believe me! believe me its true.
You taught me how love can make you fall and rise,
And I also agree first love never dies,
But believe me! believe me, true love can bury it alive.

And now I know my best is yet to come,
Till then I'm gonna enjoy my life and have some fun.

Dedicated to
My friend at work

Dedication Summary
I never thought to write something in English but Ronny motivated me to give it a try. And the result is here :)

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